петък, 14 юли 2017 г.

Things That I Do Everyday To Make Me Happy

Every morning when I woke up I feel that it's a new beginning. I can do something new or to do something that is going to make my day more productive than the previous. I have a few things that I do to make me survive the day everyday and when I think about it - this are the things that make me happy.

Eat Breakfast| After my morning routine for waking up I always eat breakfast. If I don't do this I can't survive the day. My breakfasts are usually a slice of bread with something on it or muesli and a cup of coffee. This combo gives me the needed energy for the start of day.

Make Plans| You should know that I'm a pretty organized person. To make plans for the day or for a whole week is my must-have. I need to know what I'm going to do - cleaning, shopping, go somewhere and etc.

Drink Water| A few years ago I started to drink only water and nothing with preservatives. I used to drink a lot of fizzy drinks and I was feeling my body awful. One day I decided to drink only water and now I feel really good. My skin is better that ever!

Listen To Music| I feel boring when I don't do this. I'm a rock music fan and if you take a look at my phone or YouTube playlist you'll see that. The whole process is making me more calm when I'm nervous and my time passes imperceptibly.

Workout| Most of the people understand under the word "workout" going to a fitness club. Let me stop you here - I'm doing my workout at home. I'm doing my workout for less that 1 hour or more and I feel fine. After this I feel relaxed and more happy. The stress and the negative emotions from day are gone.

Read A Book| Before bed I always read a book. Now I'm on a miss Marple's series by Agatha Christie. She is my favorite Christie's character and when I read it I often forget what the time is. It's so interesting reading mater!

Go To Bed By 10| When I go to bed by 11 or 12 PM on the other morning I feel like I have a hangover. I have a biological clock that wakes me up at 8 AM and this is when my day starts. Seeing the sun through the window is precious! Going to bed by 10 AM is something that I'm happy with. Before falling asleep I give a few minutes to myself to rethink the day and stare at the dark.

Carolina x

петък, 7 юли 2017 г.

Summer In Black

t-shirt: H&M | jeans: TALLY WEiJL | ankle boots: Deichmann (similar) | glasses: KWIAT | choker & black bracelet: Carolina Winter Design | red bracelet: Aleks & VV

Wearing black clothes in the Summer days is not the thing that most people think of. A few days ago I was lucky enough to enjoy the rainy days, the lightnings and the thunders. The storm mostly was at night, so in the morning it was slightly cold and could drink my coffee on the balcony enjoying the view. For this today I was able to wear my favorite combo of t-shirt and boots. 

This t-shirt was my first choice when I was preparing my outfit. I always loved and I still do this kind of t-shirts- the basic once. You can't go wrong with a basic t-shirt! It could be worn with everything from day to night. For the boots - I could wear them everyday. I love the color and how comfortable they are. When I'm scrolling on Pinterest and I see a t-shirt or tank with jeans or shorts with ankle boots I look forward to be able to wear this combo. Finally, I managed today and I'm happy. 

In Bulgaria the Summer is really hot and it's impossible to wear boots. It's hard to remember when the weather was similar to this one today. 

Carolina x

понеделник, 12 юни 2017 г.

Weekend Vibes

top: BRANDMAIR | jeans: TALLY WEiJL | glasses: KWIAT | choker & black bracelet: Carolina Winter Design | red bracelet: Aleks & VV

Recently I can't this of anything but my thesis. This process is so overwhelming - you should know that if you've been there. I'm really happy that passed my exams and I don't have to worry about them. But this will last 'till my diploma defense on September. Actually, to be honest I feel more calm now and my face is looking good. You know my journey and you'll know what I'm talking about. 

Anyway, let's talk about today's outfit. I have free time now and when I have go outside I bet on simple outfits like this one. I picked these top, jeans and flats combo, because the top is from silk fabric, these jeans are light and lately they are my favorite and the flats are part of my S/S uniform. For the final touch I picked the jewelry and accessories which I'm wearing everyday. 

Carolina x

сряда, 31 май 2017 г.

The Beauty Hub: BIODERMA Sebium Gel Moussant

Finding the right cleanser for my skin sometimes is really hard. My skin is oily and with acne. With my last visit to my gynecologist I'm more than sure that I'm with hormonal acne and literally I was born with this imperfection. Now I have to take pills that I don't want to and after I finish Azax next week I'll be paying a visit to my dermatologist. She actually before seven weeks told me about BIODERMA Sebium Gel moussant. I read before about it and I knew that is very good cleanser.

BIODERMA Sebium Gel moussant comes in package of 200 ml tall transparent blue bottle with a green pump dispenser. It's a gel consistency and it's not too liquid nor thick - something in between. It spreads easily on my wet palm and the foam is rich enough. When I'm washing my face with it I feel this fresh and clean aroma. As I said in my latest acne treatment diary it feels like I'm washing my face with fresh air. Normally I was washing my face once a day with cleansers, but with this one I'm doing this routine twice a day.

Definitely I'll be repurchasing this product! What do you think about this product? 

Carolina x

понеделник, 15 май 2017 г.

The Almost Black Summer Wishlist

Summer is coming and I still prefer black for my Summer days. I feel really comfortable and confident in this color and it's very rare thing for me to wear white or something bright. Even if I wear a bright color it's with a combo of dark color. So, I've been looking for some black clothes and I found a lot.

Soon I'll be shopping, because I haven't in a while and I'll hunt down first this two tops. I'm a rock music fan and when I found out that now this kind of clothes are trending I was on cloud nine. They are black and with cool prints - something that I'm looking for. The other thing that is trending, I think, is the denim skirts. They are vintage and as I like to wear denim this kind of skirt will be looking very good in my closet. The other two things that I'll buy is this black jersey dress and this blue skinny jeans. They may look familiar to you, because I have similar. I want another pair of this kind of jeans, because they're light, comfortable and my old I'm wearing at home now.

Black Printed Top | Black Printed Mesh T-Shirt | Blue Skinny Jeans without Pockets | Black Denim Skirt | Black Jersey Dress

Carolina x